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Annual Conference on Libraries and the Future

LILRC’s Board of Trustees has established an annual conference based on a theme relating to libraries and the future. These conferences have brought important issues and programs to the attention of the library community.

Conference themes include:

2020    Diversity, Democracy, Engagement
2019    Libraries in a Post Privacy World
2018    Fix the Future: Access, Innovation, Opportunities
2017    Design the Experience: Risk & Reward
2016    Open For Business: Rethinking Relevance & Reality
2015    Changing Faces, Changing Spaces: Design Thinking, Demographics and Diversity
2014    Think Outside the Bricks: Embed, Expand, Engage
2013    Community by Design: Innovation & Transformation
2012    The Cloud in the Forecast: Access and Ownership
2011    Extinction is Not an Option: Ensuring OUR Future
2010    Imagine the Future
2009    Brave New Media World
2008    ♫Talkin’ ‘bout Y Generation♫
2007    Engaging Environments: Creating Tomorrow’s Library Experience

Please refer to the LILRC Annual Conference Retrospective (PDF) for a complete list of conference themes and speakers from 1992-2011.

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