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28th Annual Conference on Libraries and the Future: Libraries in a Post Privacy World

  • October 11, 2019
  • 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
  • Heritage Club - at Bethpage-


  • LILRC Members and Non-Members
  • First Time Attendee-LILRC Member, Non-Member
  • LILRC Members and Non-Members
  • First Time Attendee-LILRC Member, Non-Member

Registration is closed

George Orwell’s book made “Big Brother is watching you” a famous phrase.  This is a resonant phrase in today’s society with Facebook, Google and others capturing terabytes of data about individuals.  The advent of many modern technologies makes it possible for companies and governments to track an individual’s movements, speech, and activities in unprecedented ways.  This year’s conference on Libraries and the Future: Libraries in a Post Privacy World brings this issue to the forefront.

The conference will open with Lee Rainie (Director, Internet and Technology Research at Pew Research) speaking on the research Pew is conducting  on privacy, trust, facts and democracy. David Carroll is an associate professor of media design at the New School and will be talking about his views on privacy.  He mounted a legal challenge to Cambridge Analytica in the UK courts and is featured in The Great Hack on Netflix. Davis Erin Anderson from the Metropolitan New York Library Council will be discussing the work she is doing with NYPL, Queens Public Library and Brooklyn Public Library in digital safety.  The last speaker is Ed Tenner who is an independent writer and speaker holding the titles of Distinguished Scholar in the Smithsonian's Lemelson Center for the Study of Invention and Innovation, and a visiting scholar in the Rutgers University Department of History.  He will be discussing individuals right to discover and how it balances against individuals right to be forgotten.

Libraries are leaders in protecting and promoting privacy. This is an important issue for all staff in libraries. Every person who works in a library has a responsibility to safeguard the privacy of their patrons. This conference offers current and future library leaders a chance to explore and discuss “big ideas” that will most certainly influence how they navigate their future and that of their libraries. We encourage directors to send all staff to learn more about this important issue.

A certificate for 6 Professional Development Hours (.6 CEU's) will be emailed after the workshop.

                                              Abbreviated Schedule

                        8:00am                    Registration and Breakfast

                        9:15am                    Trust, Democracy, and Privacy: How Libraries fit into the

                                                          biggest issues of the day

                                                        Lee Rainie, Director, Internet Technology Research at  Pew Research

                       10:45am                  Dark Data

                                                          David Carroll, Associate Professor of Media Design at New School

                       1:00pm                    Our Data, Ourselves: Safeguarding Privacy in the Age of Big Data

                                                          Davis Erin Anderson, METRO


                       2:30pm                    Libraries in the Age of Algorithm    

                                                          Ed Tenner, Distinguished Scholar, Smithsonian's Center for the

                                                           Study of Invention and Innovation

Call Eliscia at 631-675-1570 Ext 2001 or email for the First Time Attendee discount code- receive 10% OFF.

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