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Accessing Archives Program

This program was started as a successful pilot in 2022. The goal of the program is to increase the accessibility of archival materials on Long Island.

Member institutions can apply for the services of the Project Archivist by submitting a detailed application for a well defined project that could be completed within a two month period. The site visit will be performed before any work begins. The Project Archivist will process, digitize and describe materials according to archival standards.

Depending on the proposed project, materials may be rehoused in archival quality storage containers. If so, the institution will be required to pay the costs of the materials to rehouse any collection up to $500. LILRC will cover the first year costs to incorporate finding aids in Empire Archival Discovery Cooperative (Empire ADC) or digitized content to be placed in New York Heritage Digital Collections. The project archivist will not engage in conservation methods requiring a professional conservator.

List of Completed Projects



The purpose of the Accessing Archives Program is to provide an opportunity for cultural institutions on Long island to increase the accessibility of their collections. The Project Archivist's work will be reserved to the scope of materials and the project outlined in the approved application. 

Working Location

  • The institution must be able to provide a safe and hazard free workplace where the project archivist can safely process collections.
  • LILRC will provide computer equipment and remote networking if required.
  • Member institutions will provide archival containers for rehousing as required up to $500 in expenses.

Scope of Work

The Project Archivist will only work on materials agreed upon in the project summary sent by LILRC. Modifications can be made to the original agreement when both parties agree.

Work my consist of:

  • Arrange and describe materials according to current archival standards,
  • Rehouse materials in archival containers,
  • Enter descriptive data in Empire ADC and/or digitize and load images into New York Heritage.
  • Provide recommendations on the care and handling of the materials
  • Provide recommendations for further preservation and conservation work required

The following tasks are considered out of scope for activities of the project archivist:

  • Providing reference services to the collections
  • Providing tours of historic facilities
  • Processing materials outside of the scope of the agreement
  • Provide preservation and conservation services beyond basic rehousing and stabilizing how the materials are stored and handled

Recommendations for Handling Digital Files

We strongly recommend all digitization projects are completed including an archival format (TIFF, WAV, MKV). The National Archives provides a detailed set of guidelines on scanning resolution and metadata. We also recommend that a plan is in place for the long term storage and maintenance of the archival quality digital files. If you need assistance in developing a long-term preservation plan for your digital collections. ESLN offers a digital dark archive service available for this purpose. Contact LILRC's Digitization and Archives Coordinator for more information or go to the SENYLRC Dark Archive page.

Evaluation of Applications

  • Reviewers will narrow the applicants to a select number and a site visit will be performed by the Digitization and Archives Coordinator before the project will be approved
  • Priority will be given to collections documenting underrepresented populations and materials historically significant to Long Island
  • Priority will be given to first time users of the service

The institution and LILRC will sign a memorandum of understanding after the project has been approved.


QUESTIONS? Contact Nicole Menchise,


Email to Tim Spindler,

or they can be mailed to

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