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Accessing Archives Completed Projects

   Institution  Description
  Freeport Memorial Library

The project requested, fulfilled on behalf of the Freeport Memorial Library, was to complete the digitization of Freeport Historical Society and Museum's compact audio cassette collection of oral histories and Freeport band recordings. The collection is made up of forty cassette tapes.

Digitized materials included in the Freeport Oral Histories on New York Heritage.

 Historical Society of East Rockaway and Lynbrook Historical Society of East Rockaway and Lynbrook (HSERL)

The project that HSERL requested was the total reorganization of their archives and storage space residing on the top floor of the Lynbrook Public Library. For decades, HSERL has amassed donations from Lynbrook residents, collectors, library staff and the Lynbrook Village Hall. This partnership is the first time in HERSL’s history that an archivist has had the opportunity to fully organize these donations.

Digitized materials included in the Lynbrook Audio Recordings on New York Heritage.

 Long Island Maritime Museum Long Island Maritime Museum (LIMM) The project that LIMM requested was to digitize as many of the oral histories recorded on audio cassettes from their Baymen Oral History Collection. The collection contains approximately 440 audio cassettes.

The Project Archivist performed quality control to assure the recordings were audible while capturing descriptive metadata.  Problems found include missing pressure pads,sticky shed syndrome, tape breakage, audible hiss, and low audio signals.  Each tape was listed on a new inventory, given a new unique identifier and upon completion of seventy five oral histories, recommendations were made to LIMM to stabilize the stored cassettes.
Northport-East Northport Public Library Northport-East Northport Public Library (NENPL)

The goal of the project was to have the NENPL map collection organized, the map index updated, accession numbers assigned, and maps scanned in order to be digitally preserved. The Project Archivist reviewed the library map collection and cross checked the inventory against the existing index.

Digitized materials included in the Northport-East Northport Library Map Collection on New York Heritage.

 Old Westbury Gardens  Old Westbury Gardens

The goal of this project was to digitize collections from their archive that had previously been difficult to view, difficult to access, and difficult to digitize. The project archivist was able to digitize slides, various sizes of photographic negatives, oversized photographs, family correspondence, documents, a scrapbook, a photo album, a video tape, and some cassette tapes. These new digital files offer a new and fresh look at the Phipps family and their way of life through that material. By the end of the project, they received 2,710 new digital files/110 GBs.

Digitized materials included the Phipps Home Movies which are now available on New York Heritage.

Southold Historical Museum Southold Historical Museum (SHM)

The project with SHM was to digitize as many photographs in the Charles H. Meredith Collection as possible to increase accessibility of the collection. The collection holds more than 30,000 photographs and negatives and is a cornerstone of SHM’s archival holdings.  A portion of the scanned images were then to be selected and uploaded to a newly created web page on the New York Heritage website.

Digitized materials included in the Charles H. Meredith Collection on New York Heritage.

 Three Village Historical Society Three Villages Historical Society (TVHS)

The initial focus of the project was identifying, organizing and rehousing collections located in a storage closet. However, the focus shifted quickly when it turned out that accessing both the art closet and the collections room on the second floor were impossible. The Project Archivist physically moved items in those collection spaces to ensure staff could access the stored collection. Once these spaces were put in order, the Project Archivist added shelf numbers and corrected collection locations in their archives management spreadsheet.

A finding aid was uploaded to Empire ADC for the Melville Family Papers and digitized materials included in the Melville Family Papers on New York Heritage.

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