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Long Island Library Resources Council
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Strategic Plan

LILRC Vision

Bridging the Long Island Library Community


In lieu of a formal mission statement LILRC’s strategic plan is defining its mission through the creating legislation and founding documents.


In 1966, the New York State Legislature authorized the establishment of reference and research library resources systems (councils) in Education Law. The State created the regional councils to expand the availability of the resources of academic, medical, law, business and special libraries to more New Yorkers and to enable libraries of all types to obtain services and share resources cooperatively in order to strengthen programs and services.


The purposes of this Council shall be to:

  1. Improve and develop reference and research resources and services within Nassau and Suffolk Counties.
  2. Further interlibrary cooperation, communication and sharing of materials within the area of this Council.
  3. Cooperate with institutions and organizations outside the geographic area to further these aims.

In the pursuit of these purposes and aims, the Council shall initiate, promote and support such research studies and projects which may lead to a knowledge of available resources and services and provide the means for increased interlibrary cooperative plans and services.


  1. Long Island libraries will recognize LILRC as the regional center for the professional development, training, and continuing education of library staff.
    • Measures
      • Offer at least 3 sessions/month
      • Maintain an average evaluation of 3 or better (3 being agree or 4 being strongly agree)
  2. Make LILRC the regional resource for libraries to test and incubate new and innovative projects.
    • Measure
      • Identify a list of potential services, identify the resources needed and test one idea each year
      • Review existing services annually to determine if they continue to be needed or if they can be improved
  3. Make LILRC the recognized regional resource for archives and digitization needs.
    • Measures
      • Enrollment levels for classes
      • Number of consultations
    • Enrollment levels and usage for NY Heritage, New York Historical Newspapers and the Empire Archival Discovery Cooperative
  4. Build on LILRC's present leadership role by increasing the influence of Long Island libraries with policy makers.
    • Measures
      • Participate and lead in the planning of advocacy events
      • Visit legislators on regular visits coordinating contacts with libraries and systems
      • Create press releases for important events and issues
  5. Transform LILRC into a member driven organization that brings together libraries of all types providing opportunities for collaboration and resource sharing.
    • Measures
      • Increase participation numbers for programs and other services
      • See improvements in social media engagement and site usage
  6. Develop a marketing and communications campaign that includes feedback and measurements for continuous improvement.
    • Measures
      • Identify metrics and use these metrics to determine its effectiveness

Long Island Library Resources Council
627 N. Sunrise Service Road
Bellport NY, 11713
Phone: (631) 675-1570

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